Composite Fillings
This type of filling is tooth-colored material made up to restore teeth that suffer from decay. This type of material is also used to fix cosmetic issues such as small chips or fractures on the tooth. Due to technological advancements composite fillings are equal in strength or stronger than amalgam (silver) fillings. This is one of the reasons why at this office we exclusively use composite fillings.

Mercury in amalgam (silver) fillings and its effect it has on our bodies has always been a controversial topic in dentistry. Despite what the arguments are for mercury being safe in dental fillings we are 100% mercury-free at this office. With our use of the most advanced composite fillings we can stay away from mercury and still provide an excellent restoration.

A crown is usually placed when a tooth does not have enough tooth structure, broken down, or root canal treatment was completed. Crowns are a cap or covering which protects the tooth from additional breakdown of natural tooth structure. Most crowns are made with a porcelain substance to match the color of your natural teeth. Dr. Gress will need to take an impression of the tooth and within two weeks the lab will send our office your crown.

The procedure for a bridge is similar to getting a crown, except it replaces the gap between missing teeth. Bridges are a permanent solution, and are non-removable.

A partial denture is a removable appliance which replaces missing teeth.   Partial dentures are also used to prevent shifting or movement of other teeth. Besides, tooth replacement, partial dentures can give a natural looking smile.

Full dentures are similar to partial dentures, as they are also removable. The full denture is needed when there are no existing teeth in the mouth.  This appliance can give patients the smile they are looking for.




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