Dr. Gress’ Recommended Products

Oral-B Pro 5000™ Smart Series Toothbrush

Home care is vital for maintaining excellent oral health. The Oral-B Pro 5000™ rechargeable toothbrush is unmatched to manual toothbrushes. There are many features that are helpful to its user. One of the best features Dr. Gress always likes to point out is if a person is pushing too hard when brushing your teeth. The brush will stop to prevent the user from causing any damage to their mouths.

Tongue Cleaner/Scraper

The tongue cleaner is a simple but effective tool to maintain excellent oral hygiene. By using the tongue cleaner, toxins and bacteria are cleared away from the tongue. Bad breath can also be reduced as the layer of bacteria is removed. Other benefits of the tongue cleaner includes eliminating undigested food particles and enhancing the sense of taste.

Colgate® Peroxyl®

This alcohol-free rinse works great against cuts, mouth burns, cheek bites, canker sores, and gum inflammation from dental procedures. Peroxyl® is a temporary use rinse, meaning it is not an everyday mouthwash. The rinse is especially useful for individuals who wear braces and dentures. (Plus and is always nice to have in your house in case you burn your mouth on some pizza.) This product is over the counter, so it can be found in most stores by the mouthwash.

PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus Toothpaste & PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus Rinse

These products are prescription items that we sell in our office. If during your next visit to Gress Dental Excellence, and you are on the cusp of having lots of cavities. Dr. Gress will recommend using one or both of these products. The Prevident® 5000 Booster Plus tooth paste reinforces you enamel on your teeth. The reinforcement of the fluoride in the prescription toothpaste and rinse make the teeth stronger against tooth decay from forming.

PRO TIP: When applying your toothpaste onto your toothbrush, use a pea-sized amount. While commercials may show a luscious wave of toothpaste on the brush, it simply isn’t necessary.

GUM® Soft Picks®

This product is like a toothpick, but so much better. Soft Picks® are a comfortable and flexible pick which removes plaque and food caught in between the teeth. These are especially helpful to individuals with crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, and orthodontic appliances. Using these once and day can greatly increase your overall oral health.

PRO TIP: Dipping the GUM® Soft Picks® into mouthwash when using them can give your mouth an extra boost in you daily oral hygiene routine.

Xylitol Gum- Spry® Gum

Do you love to indulge in sweets or enjoy chewing gum? If so, gum with Xylitol is perfect for you. Dr. Gress personally uses the brand Spry®. But any gum with the ingredient Xylitol will do. What this gum does is it neutralizes the pH level in your mouth. Sometimes when acidic drinks like soda or other sweets are consumed, the saliva in the mouth can become very acidic. Dr. Gress calls this “acid saliva.” So by chewing this gum if you are unable to rinse your mouth for approximately 10-15 minutes, you can help lower your risk of acid saliva. Thus even further lowering you risk of forming tooth decay.