Laser Treatments

laserHere at Gress Dental Excellence, we have discovered a new and better way to treat gum disease. The latest innovation we have adopted is a soft tissue Diode Laser. Our state-of-the-art laser is being used for a wide variety of dental procedures that are now PAIN-FREE. This is just another way our office continues to provide the best possible dental health care.

What does the Laser do for you?

  1. Kills bacteria under the gums
  2. Reverses Periodontal Disease
  3. Improves attachment between teeth and gums
  4. Stimulates gum and bone regeneration
  5. Prevents oncoming cold sores from even appearing
  6. Kills and eliminates cold sores
  7. Relieves pain from sensitive teeth through desensitizing
  8. Teeth and mouth keep that fresh clean feeling longer

We highly recommend you add a Laser treatment as part of your routine cleaning. If you have Periodontal Disease, it will take many laser treatments. However with consistent and continuous treatments and home care, the results are Amazing.



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