Safe Digital X-Rays

The necessary dental x-rays, required for a thorough examination, uses a very low amount of radiation. The amount of radiation is the same as the average person gets from the environment in a one or two days.

Here at Gress Dental Excellence we take precautions to keep our patients safe from radiation, which include:

  • Taking only the required amount of x-rays needed
  • Careful operation of the x-ray unit by trained professionals
  • The Thyroid gland and other sensitive organs are always protected by a lead shield which cannot be penetrated.

Why do I need dental x-rays?

X-rays (a.k.a. Radiographs) will help the doctor find issues that may not be visible while doing a clinical exam. Some examples of what dental x-rays can help us see include:

  • broken down or decayed areas between teeth and below fillings
  • damage to the bone which can be a cause of infection (abscess) or a cyst
  • bone loss caused by the gum disease periodontitis
  • tumors or growths
  • damage caused by trauma
  • view unerupted teeth (teeth that have not come in) on adults and children.
  • Evaluate the health of implants
  • view unerupted teeth (teeth that have not come in) on adults and children.

Why digital?

There are multiple benefits to using a digital format for x-rays.

  • Once x-rays are taken, they are immediately sent to the computer and viewable.
  • The x-rays once on the computer can be enlarged and manipulated to help the doctor and you learn about your mouth very clearly.
  • A copy of your x-rays can be easily printed or emailed to another office if needed.
  • Digital x-rays are better for the environment as well. No chemicals are required to process the films. Instead a digital sensor reads the radiation and produces an image directly to the computer.


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